How the founder of Pour-et uses tea in poetry writing

by Tracyj
A Poem in a cup  (scroll for poem)

Tracy John  uses the mood enhancing benefits of varying teas to help in the free flow of her poetry writing

As a tea lover, she allows herself to become fully present and immersed when drinking tea. She pays attention to the taste the smell, the undertone notes, the feel as it trickles down her inside. Emotions of complete relaxation occur bringing her into a state of flow. Her creativity sparks, interaction with others enhances and her response to sensuality peaks.

In doing so she experiences a connection between tea and her craft poetry. It’s not  simply drinking the tea but truly experiencing the moment and what it can give rise to.

Pour-et Teas are poetry inspired and  created from the 3 categories of poems the founder writes.

Love and Sensual poems

Grounding and  Calming poems

Poems to help with inspiration and to remain focused

Join TracyJ and team pour-et on the journey of unlocking or enhancing your inner craft. With the help of luxurious wildcrafted mood enhancing teas, it’s certainly worth considering.

You can expect regular poetry pieces as you journey along.

A Poem in a cup

and I am the steam gracefully dancing out your cup

the heat that draws you in


mouth on skin

mouth on rim


with  sweet aromas

brewing  from within

where tastebuds

meet essence

where tastebuds awakens

where tastebuds are left wanting

wanting for more

wanting that state of flow

where sips swiftly

turn into licks

and licks into climax

deep breaths and pounding heartbeats

I am the steam

gracefully dancing out your cup

I’m the reason you will drink

every last drop

call me a poem in a cup

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